Boutique Law Firm Primarily Focusing on Creating Custom Estate Plans

You want to protect what you have now and leave a legacy for your family after you are gone. The goal of a good estate plan is as simple as that. However, achieving that goal is not always so simple. The unique challenges you face mean you need an estate plan that is custom designed to overcome those challenges.

When you work with Milton attorney John Boscoe, you will get his full, undivided attention. He will personally design and implement every part of your estate plan, from your Last Will and Testament and powers of attorney to revocable living trusts and business succession plans. John has estate planning solutions for a range of challenging situations. You might be divorced, new to Georgia, own horses you love, want your assets to support an important cause after you are gone, have a dependent with special needs, or have an heir who can’t be trusted with money. Whatever your situation is, John can make sure your assets are protected.

At Boscoe Law, the design of your estate plan will never be passed on to a junior attorney or paralegal. You will get to know John as a friendly neighbor—in fact, since he focuses his practice on Milton, Alpharetta, and the surrounding area, he could very well be your neighbor already!

John is happy to talk about your estate planning goals and explain how he could help you achieve your desired outcomes. If you fail to create a will or trust plan, Georgia law has a default estate plan for you. To choose exactly who gets your assets, create a plan now.